Kurun is an expert institution that provides service in all Turkey and nearby developing markets to the investors, especially commercial plants, hotels and shopping malls about the subjects below;

• Real Estate Development and Investment Management
• Marketing /Leasing/ Facility management
• Retail Consultancy

KURUN, has provided service to over 30 projects and in total about 3.000.000 sqm GLA (gross leasable area) in Turkey and near surroundings from 2005.
As developing management, the activities can be summarized as a wide range of output from project and location analysis in the primary planning stage to project design and marketing; and in operating period it is active in increasing the value of project and customer satisfaction.
KURUN also provides service to the operating plants about increasing their performance and value. It is working with an expert and professional approach which is bound to the knowledge and experience in developing all components (architectural, user mix (shop mix), tenants, operators, management and even the owners) only except the change of the project location.
KURUN has improved its scope about investment financing, buying and joint venture and also it was deployed as the first consultant of Grand Bazaar which is the first shopping mall of the world.

Location Project                                      GCA        GLA

İzmir       EGS Park Mavişehir             44.000    27.000       Management, Leasing

İzmir       EGS Park Bornova                17.000     13.000      Management, Leasing

Denizli     EGS Park Denizli                   30.000     23.000     Management, Leasing

İstanbul  EGS Business park (IDTM) 95.000     67.000     Management

İstanbul  Tepe Nautilus                         155.000   53.000    Management (Professional)

İstanbul  İstanbul Cevahir                    349.000   118.000   Management, Leasing

İstanbul Maxi Center İstinye               16.000      8.500      Management, Leasing

İstanbul  Maxi City Çengelköy              28.000    15.000     Management, Leasing

İstanbul  Maxi City Silivri                      52.000    43.000       Management, Leasing

Tekirdağ Maxi City                                  12.000   9.000         Management, Leasing

Trabzon  Trabzon Cevahir Outlet        30.000     20.000    Development, Leasing, Management Cons.

Bitlis        Tatvan Yaşam SC                  18.000      10.000    Development, Leasing, Management

Ordu        Fatsa City                               15.000      8.500       Development, Leasing, Management

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